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Prosecution Manager

AppColl Prosecution Manager is a cloud-based IP management product designed to significantly increase productivity while reducing both the costs and risks of running a patent firm or corporate IP group. The service allows access to all documents from any web browser, anytime and communication between all parties associated with filing a patent in the US and internationally.

We talked to many patent attorneys, patent agents, paralegals and docketing specialists about what they want in IP management software and why other tools fall short. In response, we developed a cost effective, simple to use patent & trademark docketing system that immediately makes you more productive and better organized.

We've worked hard to make AppColl easy to use. As the system is modeled around email programs even people unfamiliar with cloud based systems are productive quickly with AppColl. All of our modules look and operate the same, reducing the learning curve. Important commands are in consistent, prominent visible positions on the page.

Additionally, AppColl Prosecution Manager has been designed to allow easy transfer of data to and from the system. You can import or export any information using simple comma-separated-variable (CSV) ASCII files. If you prefer to enter data using a spreadsheet and then upload it - no problem. If you want to generate your own custom report just export it; that's easy too.


Appcoll Prosecution Manager has 7 interdependent modules:

(click on a module to view more details)


Login to AppColl and you immediately see everything you need to do to keep your projects on track. Built on a powerful and flexible workflow engine, the Tasks module automates many of the docketing and workflow activities that exist at a patent prosecution firm and corporation. Docketing rules for US and PCT patent applications are provided that can be customized and extended easily. Rules for international filing can be also be added without difficulty.


Transferring your existing patents and trademarks to AppColl is fast and easy. Most cases can be imported from the USPTO database using PAIR and TSDR with only a serial number. This ensures consistency with the USPTO. You view and edit all of the information for a matter on one page, with convenient access to all other related matters and any task or docketing items associated with the matter. The bibliographic information and docketing tasks for US patents and trademarks can be kept up-to-date automatically via USPTO e-Office action emails and TSDR. Generate complex USPTO forms such as the Application Data Sheet with a few clicks.

Prior Art

Simply put, the objective of the Prior Art module is to manage references and generate IDS forms. You may have hundreds of references to cite against a matter and also need to cite them against related matters. AppColl stores only one copy of the reference, connects it to its related matters and reminds you to file supplemental IDS.


Store official correspondence, client communication, emails, presentations, for example, for any and all matters. Make as many folders and sub‑folders as you like to organize your data in the way that fits you best. Attach files to Tasks to easily store and retrieve relevant information for your cases.


Track your time, bill your client with a professional looking invoice, and record payments against those invoices. The Billing module supports fees, expenses, retainers, flat fees, fee caps, discounts, billing templates and more, as well as the LEDES format if you have a client requesting electronic billing.


Easily generate your own custom reports to suit the requirements of your organization. AppColl allows you to filter the large amounts of data in your account to view only what you want to see. If you like that view, save it as a report and run it anytime. AppColl saves the report as a database query so every time you run it, the result includes the latest information. You can also schedule reports to run and be sent via email or uploaded using SFTP at regular intervals, such as the 1st Tuesday of every month.


Keep your entire database of clients, attorneys, paralegals, inventors, and any other contacts for you and your firm. Fields are available for all information necessary for filling out most USPTO or PCT form. Contact information can be easily imported from your existing contact database, such as Microsoft Outlook.