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                             USPTO Law School Clinic Certification Partnership Program


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Our partnership program allows qualified law schools to obtain and use Appcoll’s cloud-based Patent & Trademark Management software free of charge.  Law schools must be members of the USPTO Law School Clinic Certification Program.
AppColl offers an easy-to-use, cloud-based patent and trademark management system to enhance productivity through collaborative automation tools.  We help patent firms and corporations create and file better patents more cost-effectively.
For more information contact:
Sales Department
(650) 276-7034
AppColl Benefits
  • Use of AppColl Prosecution Manager free of charge.
  • Law students get real world experience using a leading IP Software Management tool.
  • Law School Clinics have greater control of data and permissions for their students.
  • Accelerate learning by exposing students to different modules: Generate Dockets, Matter Management, Introduction to Billing and Reporting.
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