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"Proper docketing is an essential practice tool for anyone in the Intellectual Property Law space.
In private practice, we had employees dedicated to entering and managing the firm docket. They often complained of the complexity and antiquated interface. When I moved in-house, the challenge was to find a simpler, more user friendly, but robust platform that could be managed easily but at a good value. The latter element was a critical component.

AppColl® has proved to be easy to use, has an elegant interface, and offers all the features neccessary to provide excellent service to the client in a time efficient manner. Customer support is responsive, and the platform has continued to evolve in a user-centric manner."
Alexander D. Raring | Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc
Director, Intellectual Property

Top Rated IP Management Software

AppColl® is a top rated Intellectual Property Management Software on G2crowd

"AppColl® allows us to automate and streamline in ways we could not before. XML imports make life easier for our team. We have asked our outside prosecution counsel to send us XML files from PAIR with every reporting email. This was easy for the law firms to learn, and now with a drag and two clicks, I can now update our docket in a snap. The ability to automatically pull in e-office actions adds another nice layer of automation.

Overall, AppColl® saves us considerable attorney time and administrative time. We also greatly value AppColl® customer service. Their customer support is very responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful. They are open to feedback and suggestions as well and can quickly put new features into place when needed. Compared to the cost of competitors, AppColl® is a terrific value and a reliable choice for in-house patent docket and workflow management."
John Sieman | SAS Institute, Inc
Patent Counsel
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"We switched to AppColl® over two years ago, and have been impressed by the flexibility and customizability of the system. We imported well over 10,000 matters and 150,000 tasks when we migrated, and have been adding to it ever since.

The ability to add our own custom tasks and set triggering conditions for them has been a great timesaver, their customer service is fast and responsive, and they are always open to discussing new features."
Christian Scholz | Weaver Austin Villeneuve & Sampson Intellectual Property Law
"We switched to AppColl® after using a large, web-based patent docketing system for four years. We found this prior system to be difficult to work with, and it never fully met our needs. On top of this, the monthly licensing fees were unilaterally increased multiple times.

In contrast, AppColl® provides an easy to use, high quality product with superior customer support, at a much more reasonable price. The AppColl® docketing system is perfectly designed for supporting small to medium patent portfolios, and if we find something additional desired, AppColl® has always been more than happy to implement the functionality. We have been using AppColl® for about six months, and this software has enabled our firm to streamline our operations. Having the docketing system, prior art manager, billing module and file room all on one website has made it a one stop, one browser window location with all our information for attorneys, agents and paralegals. As a paperless office, this is critical for maximizing our efficiency.

What differentiates AppColl® most from larger docketing systems is its exceptional customer support. Unlike most docketing systems, AppColl® support technicians are easily accessible and extremely helpful. In our transition stage, AppColl® technicians emailed us about a problem before we had realized it had occurred! They make our issues and requests a top priority. Because we have had such a positive experience with AppColl® software, I strongly recommend their patent management system to any company with a patent portfolio "

Heather Slotnick | MLO, a professional corporation
Mueller Law Office
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"AppColl® is one of the most powerful tools we have in our practice. We are extremely grateful for their professionalism and reliability, and the knowledge that a true expert is always at hand to answer our seemingly endless litany of questions. AppColl® has the best customer support we have ever seen.

We are big fans of AppColl® and for good reason. Having tried other docketing systems in the past, we can't imagine our firm without AppColl®."
Jessica Lancia, Ph.D. | Turk IP Law, LLC
Director of Operations
"AppColl® Support is wonderful! The ability to validate the data with the USPTO & Espacenet. Letter generation with the valid data makes mistakes a thing of the past. Importing and updating massive changes throughout the database with ease and speed.

Saving time with automatically generating and sending the IP Staff dockets at a set time. Modification of tasks accordingly to the firms practice. Keeping track of Docketing dates, validating data with USPTO and Espacenet. Generating form letters with correct data. The list is too long. "
Jodi Bucks | Potomac Law Group
IP Systems Administrator
"AppColl® is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in a long time. Thank you! "
Nathaniel A. Wickliffe | The Inventor's Friend Patent Law Firm
Patent Attorney
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"I must say, I am really happy that I switched from FoundationIP (FIP) - once I got going, I have found AppColl® much much MUCH more intuitive and user friendly than FIP, and god knows I could have saved myself thousands had I made the switch sooner. I was an FIP user for 12 years - and I took several hours of training over the years (which you have to pay for in FIP) and never managed to work out making forms. "
Kim Jordahl | Kim Jordahl Law
Intellectual Property Attorney