Prosecution Manager™

Manage Your IP Portfolio with Precision

For Law Firms or Corporate Patent Professionals

AppColl® Prosecution Manager™ (PM) is a cloud-native Intellectual Property Management Software designed to boost productivity and reduce both costs and risks for patent firms and corporate IP groups. Renowned for its ease of use, efficiency, straightforward implementation, affordability, and excellent customer support, AppColl® PM offers a comprehensive solution for IP management.

Patent & Trademark Docketing

Developed with insights from patent attorneys, agents, paralegals, and docketing specialists, AppColl® provides a cost-effective and user-friendly patent & trademark docketing system. This system enhances productivity and organization through extensive automation.

Comprehensive IP Management Tools

AppColl® PM includes essential IP management functions such as:

  • Docketing Automation

  • Contact Management

  • Billing/Invoice Management

  • Document storage

  • Easy Data Import/Export

  • Prior Art Management

  • E-signatures

  • Reporting

  • Task Workflow Automation

  • Premium Support and Learning Path

  • One-Click Set-Up

  • Conflict Checking

With a single click, generate popular PTO forms pre-populated with your account information. Additionally, create professional invoices tailored for IP attorneys. AppColl® seamlessly integrates with USPTO’s Private Pair, TSDR, EPO Espacenet, and Google patent databases for automated account setup and docket updates.

Maximize Efficiency and Accuracy

AppColl® PM enables you to accomplish more in less time while improving accuracy, ensuring you stay productive and well-organized.

AppColl® Prosecution Manager™ has 10 interdependent modules:

(click on a module to view more details)


Patent & Trademark Docketing:

Built on a powerful and flexible workflow engine, the Tasks (docketing) module automates the docketing and workflow activities that you’d expect. AppColl® provides out-of-the-box docketing tasks for US patents and trademarks and PCT patent applications. 


Maintain and capture all your IP in a central location. Easily see all your patents, trademarks, copyrights, domains, NDAs, licensing agreements and litigation. Transfer your existing patents and trademarks to AppColl® with ease. Most cases can be imported from the USPTO or EspaceNet with only an application or serial number.


Easily maintain and manage all your prior art. See what art has been cited to what matters, what art needs to be cited and which references have been considered by the examiner. Within seconds you can cross cite hundreds or references to a new application and generate an IDS (Form SB08). 


AppColl® document management solution allows you to store you practice in the cloud. Drag and drop official correspondence, client communication, emails, presentations, submissions, prior art and more. Store multiple revisions of each document. Attach files directly to tasks. Email documents directly into AppColl®.


Easily track your time and bill your client with professional looking invoices and LEDES (1998b and Ver. 2.0) files, create retainers, record payments and make money. No need to pay for expensive add-on billing systems when AppColl® has it all built-in.


Quickly create the reports you need for clients or internal use. Reports can be created and easily run at a later time to view the most up to date information. Reports can be scheduled to run on a regular basis and emailed to anyone as PDF documents or spreadsheets. AppColl® can also transfer reports to a secure location via SFTP.            


AppColl® PM Invent allows law firms to quickly and accurately collect invention disclosures and contact information from inventors.  Inventors can submit their disclosures quickly and confidently.                                   


Designed with efficiency and ease-of-use in mind, our Signatures module streamlines the entire signature collection process. Whether it’s inventor assignments, declarations, or client engagement letters, AppColl has you covered. Integrates with DocuSign.                                 


Maintain a full database of inventors, clients, attorneys, outside counsel and other important contacts. Import existing contact databases from spreadsheets or email lists. Enabling logins only requires a few button clicks. Carefully configure permissions for everyone that logs into your AppColl® account.


AppColl® provides a way to search information in all matters and contacts, including metadata such as adverse party relationships, keywords and technologies to find potential conflicts.