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AppColl Signatures


Inventor assignment and declaration signature collection solved!

AppColl’s Signatures module automates the process of getting signatures on documents that are part of the IP management processes.

Although specifically designed for collecting signatures for inventor assignments and declarations, it can also be used to manage any other documents that are commonly signed, such as client engagement letters.

The Signatures module integrates with DocuSign, using your existing DocuSign account, to perform the actual electronic signature process.

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Signatures Features:


AppColl integrates with DocuSign allowing for the easy collection and management of e-signatures.


The process of sending documents out for signature, reminding the document recipients that their signature is required, and storing the signed document can be completely automated.


Documents are generated for signature based on a set of rules which contain the conditions for creating a document. Create custom rules for your documents.

Seamless Storage

Keep your documents organized and secure. AppColl seamlessly stores signed documents, making retrieval and management a hassle-free experience.

*Only available in AppColl® PM Plus.