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World Class Support

All AppColl customers get outstanding support at no extra charge.

World Class Support

We pride ourselves on providing the best customer support. Our goal is to make our customers proficient as soon as possible. AppColl provides live webinars, email and telephone support, new customer one-on-one trainings, and an extensive knowledge base with 100s of articles and how-to videos. Your questions are answered within minutes instead of days.
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Easy to Use

AppColl's ease-of-use means you will be productive sooner.

Easy to Use

Every module in AppColl is cleanly and efficiently laid-out, with a user interface similar to most email systems. The modules look and operate the same way so that once you have learned one module, you have learned them all.
AppColl Flexible

Highly Customizable

AppColl can be easily configured to match the way you work.

Highly Customizable

Create automated docketing workflows, with template-driven emails keeping your team and clients informed. Create your own custom forms, quickly populated with data from your account. Create your own custom database fields to track your specific information

Easy Data Import & Export

Getting data in and out of AppColl is simple.

Easy Data Import & Export

Every module in AppColl has the ability to import and export data via a spreadsheet in a universally compatible CSV format, making it simple. Bulk upload new information or generate complex reports to send to clients.

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AppColl Invention Manager

For the Corporate IP Team

AppColl’s Invention Manager optimizes the idea phase of the intellectual property lifecycle. It provides a simple and easy-to-use interface for inventors to submit their inventions, get feedback and see their work move through the review process. It provides the patent committee the tools necessary to efficiently make the best patent filing decisions. Configure the Invention Manager to match your review work flow, disclosure form, scoring method, bonus awards and communication requirements. Create automated graphical reports to monitor and optimize activities. Track and predict spending to help manage your IP portfolio budget.

We’ve designed AppColl’s Invention Manager to work with your enterprise software systems. We support single-sign-on (SSO) and can accept and generate automated data feeds to and from your other corporate software systems, including HR data for inventors.

AppColl Prosecution Manager

For Law Firms or Corporate Patent Professionals

Appcoll’s Proscecution Manager improves the productivity and accuracy of the prosecution phase of the intellectual property lifecycle. AppColl’s patent & trademark management tools provide all essential IP management functions including docketing tasks, contacts, matters, document storage, billing, prior art and reporting. Generate popular PTO forms populated with information from your account with a single click. Create great looking invoices designed for IP attorneys. AppColl integrates with the USPTO’s Private Pair, TSDR and the EPO’s Espacenet databases to allow for automated account setup and docket updates. Intellectual Property software with all the tools.

We’ve made setup for the Prosecution Manager easy. Simply send us a spreadsheet of your patent and trademark application numbers and we will get your data imported in a few days. Any information you have in electronic form can likely be imported into AppColl.