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Invention Manager Awards


If your corporation provides bonus awards for inventors submitting disclosures and filing patents, AppColl® can automatically calculate the award amounts and feed that information, after approval, to your payroll department for processing. The payment calculation is flexible and supports award programs that divide a fixed amount across all inventors, with minimum and maximum payouts.

Different payouts for different inventor countries are supported. A lead inventor can be designated that receives additional awards if desired. Awards can be triggered at any point during a patent lifecycle, from the original disclosures of the idea through patent issuance. From their login, inventors can see awards they have received providing motivation for further idea generation.

Awards Features:

Automated Inventor Awards

AppColl® can implement your existing inventor awards program. Auto-generate awards for disclosure submissions and approvals, patent filings, patent issuances and more. Notify inventors right away or require pre-approval first. Complex award programs are full supported

Flexible Calculations

AppColl® bonus program can be set-up the way you work, flexible enough to divide fixed amounts.

Custom Award Triggers

Have a certain process for awarding inventors? Set up custom triggers to award inventors at any point in your process.