Intellectual Property Optimized


AppColl Tandem™

An AppColl Tandem™ account is a no-cost, secure way to provide corporate clients access to their own IP portfolio information. Tandem accounts provide a set of features that allows a corporation to view and generate reports based on data that is sent to the account automatically from their attorney’s AppColl® account.

The data that is transferred from the attorney’s account to the corporation’s account is completely controlled by the attorney and can be adjusted or stopped at any time.

For Corporations with Outside Counsel

Corporate attorneys sync their AppColl accounts with your Tandem account to create a 360 degree view of your IP portfolio.

An AppColl® Tandem account provides the following features:

  • The ability to easily create and run reports on task, matters and contacts data.
  • Basic data entry features to add and update matters and contacts.
  • Unlimited logins.
  • Automatic syncing of data nightly from the attorney’s account to Tandem account.
  • A Tandem account can be instantly upgraded to an AppColl® PM Plus and/or AppColl® Invention Manager account to provide more functionality when required.