Invention Manager™

Corporate Invention Management

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For the Corporate IP Team

AppColl® Invention Manager™ (IM) is a simple and easy-to-use Invention Disclosure Submission and Management system that allows corporations and their inventors to document inventions. Our software also provides patent committees a comprehensive view of all disclosures, their status, next actions and more. 

Patent committees can combine similar ideas, edit Invention disclosures, redirect a disclosure’s current step in the process flow and reassign actions.

AppColl® provides graphical reports to inventors so they can easily see how many Invention disclosures they’ve filed over time, their pending patent applications, how many issued patents and what awards they have been granted. Inventors also have a simplified view of their patents including dates, application, publication and issuance numbers, status, and more. Invention Manager™ can send automated emails to inventors at every step of the way. Create custom email templates to be automatically sent when disclosure statuses change and persons have actions to take. Automatically email outside counsel when disclosures are ready to be filed.

Our invention management software allows for custom tags that fit your business. Establish product lines, technologies and meta keywords. Inventors and patent committees can tag disclosures as they go and report on the data in seconds. 

Invention Manager™ fully integrates with our Prosecution Manager™ product allowing you to track your Intellectual Property from idea, filing, prosecution, issuance and maintenance fees. With AppColl®, managing your intellectual property portfolio has never been easier!

Invention Manager™ has 6 main function areas:



AppColl’s Invention Disclosure Management software is fully customizable to meet your needs so that you can collect the information you need to make quick a decision on patent filing for an idea. You can include up to 48 questions with responses that can be free-form text, drop-down list selections or dates. The text and description of each question is entirely up to you.


With AppColl® Invention Manager™ , you don’t have to change the way you currently process invention disclosures. AppColl® supports your current invention approval workflow, simple or complex, with as many or as few steps and reviewers as desired. At each point in the flow, emails can be triggered to notify people that they have an action to complete to move the disclosure to the next step, or to inform inventors that their disclosure has an updated status.


If your corporation provides bonus awards for inventors submitting disclosures and filing patents, AppColl® can automatically calculate the award amounts and feed that information, after approval, to your payroll department for processing. The payment calculation is flexible and supports award programs that divide a fixed amount across all inventors, with minimum and maximum payouts.


A critical part of any invention review process is the collection of opinions on the value of the idea. With AppColl® Invention Manager™ you can create as many attributes as needed for reviewers to rank on the disclosure scoring form. These attributes can be weighted and contribute to an overall numeric score or just be a qualitative textual opinion.


AppColl® Invention Manager™ is designed to work with the other enterprise software systems you use. Single sign-on login can be setup so that inventors can directly access AppColl® after logging into your internal network without entering additional login credentials.


AppColl® has very flexible and powerful reporting features that allow you to generate the information you need to manage your invention process. Information can be filtered based on any value in any field, including the custom fields setup in the disclosure form. Powerful chart generation features are available to easily aggregate your data to show information such as the number of disclosures submitted per business unit over time.