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Files Module Monitor

Files Module:

AppColl® Files module provides a centralized place for storing all documents associated with your Intellectual Property. Stop maintaining your files locally. By placing your documents in AppColl® cloud, anyone with a login has immediate access. Documents are encrypted and automatically backed up to multiple physical locations. No need to worry about scheduled backups from your local computer. Store all types of files, including media. Maintain document revisions. Define your folder hierarchy and let AppColl® automatically organize your matter folders by creating the structure as you create matters. Upload and download multiple folders and files using zip files. Assign documents to specific docketing items.

Files Module Features:

Automatic Folder Creation

AppColl automatically organizes your files and folders by creating a subfolder for every client and every matter. You decide which folders you need for each matter and AppColl will create them for you.

Link Documents to Tasks

Easily upload documents to the Files module and link them to individual docketing tasks. When responding to an Office Action, you can easily access the files you need directly from the task. Quickly refer to the official PTO Office Action, client reporting letters, client instructions or other documents.

Easy Access with Drag and Drop

Drag and drop multiple files or folders from your local computer to AppColl. Easily upload and download multiple files and sub-folders with a single zip file. AppColl extracts the files and folder within the zip file and maintains your folder hierarchy.

File Types

Upload any file type including: PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, presentations and media files.

Document Revisions

AppColl maintains revisions when the same document is uploaded multiple times. Open and edit prior versions of your documents and keep a complete history of all changes to a file.

Easy Searching

Quickly search your files and folders by name, revision, type, meta data, size and other attributes. Easily sort and display all files in AppColl regardless of the folder they are stored in.