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Matters Module Monitor

Matters Module:

AppColl® Matters module provides single page access to all your Intellectual Property matters including: patents, trademarks, copyrights, licensing agreements, contracts, domains, NDAs and litigation. The Matters summary view provides a complete list of all your matters, with powerful yet easy-to-use filters to refine the list to just the items you wish to see. Choose from dozens of displayable data fields for each matter. Create custom reports, and then automatically email them to users.

The detailed view provides complete bibliographic information of a matter on a single screen. See dates, application numbers, application types, statuses, priority chains, patent claims, trademark goods and services, client and law firm contacts, associated products and technologies, fee caps, and dozens of additional more data fields. Assign clients, foreign associates, assignees, attorneys, partners, paralegals and contributors to a matter. You can also view the published abstract, claims and primary  figure for any published or issued US or foreign patent, downloaded automatically from official sources. Freely edit the claims, abstract or primary figure.

See the complete prosecution history of patent and trademark matters through data retrievals from the USPTO’s Private PAIR and TSDR databases, as well as Espacenet. Keep US Patent matters up-to-date from the PTO’s e-Office Action emails. US Trademarks are auto-updated with no user intervention needed. View AppColl® -generated docketing tasks complete with task types, due dates, deadline types, and task owners.

Automatically receive PDF documents from the File Wrapper when communications are emailed from the PTO.

Save time and improve accuracy by having AppColl® populate dozens of Official USPTO forms, including the Application Data Sheet. Create custom form letters and emails populated with information from your AppColl® database.

Matters Module Features:

Matter Summary View

View your entire Intellectual Property portfolio from a single screen. See matters by type, title, assigned attorney, status, filing date, issue date and docketing number. Customize the visible information with 70+ data points per matter. View only the matters you need by filtering the data with one or more filters.

Matter Details View

View the complete details of a matter from a single screen. The detail view provides bibliographic information, prosecution history, and docketing tasks. Perform many common functions from this page, such as closing tasks and generating official USPTO forms and custom form letters. View a list of all related matters and easily navigate to them. For any published or issued US patent, view the published abstract, claims and primary figure downloaded automatically from official sources.

Custom Data Fields

Add up to 20 custom fields  to your matters to show additional information you wish to track. Filter your summary view based on the custom fields and include them in reports and letters you send to clients.

Matter Reporting

Create custom matter reports based on numerous criteria. Reports can have multiple filters using Boolean logic. Generate reports such as, ‘Trademarks Issued in 2011’, ‘Pending Foreign Patent Applications for Client X’, or ‘Matters Assigned to Attorney Y’.

Import Data

Import basic information for all your matters with a spreadsheet template. Once your matter basics are imported, we can retrieve complete details for your patents and trademarks from Private Pair, TSDR and EspaceNet. Easily add new matters by adding an application or serial number and let AppColl do the rest by pulling in all available details and generating docketing items.

Form and Letter Generation

Let AppColl populate dozens of official USPTO forms with a couple of clicks, including the Application Data Sheet. Create multiple forms at once. Create your own custom letters and emails, easily populated from the information in AppColl. Dramatically speed up the time it takes to generate customer communication.

Multiple Country Matter Duplication

AppColl can create multiple child matters for different countries that all share the same parent. For example, when creating matters for designated states from an EP matter. All relevant information is copied from the current matter to the created children, including connections and inventors.