AppColl® Tandem accounts can be upgraded to an AppColl® PM Plus and/or AppColl® Invention Manager™ account to provide more functionality when required.

For Corporations looking for more control over their IP Portfolio

AppColl Invention Manager™

Full control over your Invention process. Works seamlessly with Prosecution Manager to provide end-to-end IP Management. 

AppColl® PM Plus

Powerful automated features allowing greater control and efficiency of your IP Portfolio. 

Invention Manager™ 

AppColl’s Invention Manager™  optimizes the idea phase of the intellectual property lifecycle. It provides a simple and easy-to-use interface for inventors to submit their inventions, get feedback and see their work move through the review process.

Upgrading a Tandem account to an Invention Manager™ account is easy and offers powerful capabilities:

  • Gives Patent Committee complete oversight of their IP Portfolio
  • Fully customizable Disclosure Form and auto workflows
  • Score your IP and set up an Awards system for your best inventors
  • Enterprise level integration with your current systems


AppColl Tasks 2

Disclosure Form

Fully customizable Invention Disclousre Form

AppColl Flow

Approval Flow

Build your flow the way you work

AppColl Rewards


Automatically calculate awards

Im Gears


Integrate with the software you already use

Pm Reports


All the data you need

AppColl Scoring Icon


Rank and score your IP

Data Protection

Single Sign On

Securely authenticate

People Icon

HR Integration

Sync with your HR Data

AppColl Documents

Enterprise IP

Global view of your IP

AppColl PM Plus

AppColl® PM Plus is an advanced feature set of AppColl® Prosecution Manager™.

Prosecution Manager provides all the essential IP management functions including docketing tasks, contacts, matters, document storage, billing, prior art and reporting.

Upgrading a Tandem account to a PM Plus account is easy and offers powerful capabilities:

  • Auto Download Docs and XML Data From Private Pair
  • QuickBooks™ Online Integration
  • Automated Email Intake
  • Conflict Checking 
  • Trust Account Reports
  • Advanced Reporting
AppColl Tasks 2


Automate your Docket

AppColl Patent


Improve IP Efficiency

Prior Art icon

Prior Art

Effective IDS Management

AppColl Documents


Cloud Document Storage

AppColl Billing



AppColl Reports


Analyze Your IP

PM Invent


Easy Invention Disclosures

People Icon


People Management

AppColl Versatile


Search your IP Portfolio

AppColl Convos Blue


View Saved Conversations

AppColl Tandem

Account Syncing

Shadow Docketing

AppColl Email Reminders

Auto Email Intake

Saves Email Automatically